Thoughts and musings on faith and our mighty God!

How Do We Serve?

Since the moment we began to from in the womb, we were God’s.  Before we drew our first breath, a claim was made on our spirit.  For each and every person, God desires a relationship and a heavenly destination.

Yet the one who humbled himself and was obedient to death on the cross lived each day as a servant.  Jesus gave and gave and gave – sight, hearing, healing, even a few were brought back to life.  The depth of His love and His compassion for all He met is amazing.  It still is!

When we serve, do we serve in this way?  Is our’s an “everyone is welcome” attitude?  When we see a person in need of something, do we simply see and meet that need?  Is our’s an “anyone is worthy” attitude?  WWJD

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