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Assurance and Trust

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Reading: Psalm 16:1-6

Verse 2: “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.”

Photo credit: Eugene Zhyvchik

Psalm 16 presents the choice we all face. David begins with a request to be kept safe and for God to be his refuge. A refuge is a place that we can go to be safe, to be protected from things that threaten us. David then makes a declaration: “You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing.” This reveals David’s intention to allow God to reign in his life and it also acknowledges the blessings of God in his life. I’d guess most of us would pray this verse each day, fully hoping to live into and to live out these words.

To me verse 4 is a bit of a reality check. Contrasting with the saints in whom David delights, here he notes those who chase after false gods. From his perspective, this brings sorrow to life. David declares that this is not for him. I’d guess most of us would also like to make this declaration. But for me, and maybe for you, I do find myself chasing after false gods – probably more than I’d like to admit. The desires for recognition and success, for security and for comfort most readily come to mind.

Turning to verses 5 and 6, although David is speaking, I hear God whispering, “I got you.” David recognizes that he is God’s child and that God’s plans and ways do guide his life. This has hemmed his life into “pleasant places.” Yes, we stray, but we live mostly in those green pastures beside still waters. Walking this path of faith and hope, David trusts in his “delightful inheritance.” His journey with God has brought David to a place of assurance and trust. He knows that a beautiful eternity awaits one day. May our journey of faith lead each of us to the same place of assurance and trust.

Prayer: Lord God, I desire to find refuge in you. Protect me from the temptations and pitfalls of this life. Focus me again and again on all of the good things that you pour out into my life and over me. Here, build my trust. And in moments when I doubt or waiver, bring to mind the inheritance that I too know I have as a child of the king. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Amen.

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