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Expressing Our Gratitude

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Reading: Psalm 116:12-19

Verse 12: “What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me?”

The first half of Psalm 116 reminded us yesterday of how God hears our cries… God is ever present, ever faithful, ever listening. Today we delve into the psalmist’s response to God’s goodness. It begins with a question: “What shall I return to the Lord for all his goodness to me?” It is a great question to consider and to unpack.

The psalmist declares that he or she will worship, serve, and offer a sacrifice to the Lord. These are all responses that we too can make to express our gratitude to the Lord’s involvement in our lives. Some of the response is personal and some is also public – “in the presence of all his people” is how the psalmist states this. The private part is essential because it develops and deepens our personal relationship with God. The public is also important. This aspect of our faith encourages others as it reflects God and God’s goodness to others.

This public witness is what we receive from the psalmist. Yesterday we read of how God rescued him or her. It leads us to ask: what are our rescue stories? When has God heard our cries or whispers and responded? In the answer to these questions we have a powerful witness to share with others. Our witness is just the story that some need to hear. Like yesterday, when we read of the psalmist’s anguish, it resonated deeply with some. So too will your story resonate with others – especially those in the midst of what God led you through.

So this day and each day may we seek, call out, cry out… to God. And may we express our gratitude through praise, service, sacrifice, and witness, all to the glory of God. May it be so.

Prayer: Lord God, I am grateful for your presence and guidance, for your comfort and strength, for your patience and steadfastness, for your goodness and for your mercy. You are ever with me, always attuned to my life. Use me each day to share the story of rescue and redemption, restoration and transformation. Amen.

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