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Centering on Christ

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Reading: Acts 2:42-47

Verse 44: “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”

Photo credit: Clay Banks

As I read these verses about the early church I marvel at this community. These words remind me of the feelings I get when I read Psalm 23. All is well and right in the world. God is definitely present and there is a peace that passes understanding. Love, generosity, kindness, fellowship, connection, food, prayer – these words summarize the church described in today’s passage.

In verse 44 we read, “All the believers were together and had everything in common.” Harmony is the word that seems to best fit this image. It wasn’t just that they shared their bread or other things with each other. It wasn’t just that any and all who showed up felt loved and welcomed. It wasn’t just that they sang and prayed and worshipped together each day. It wasn’t just that they shared life together in intimate and personal ways. It was all of this. In the last verse we read that God was adding to their number daily.

These early Christians were known for their “glad and sincere hearts.” This was easily identifiable. The community was genuine and true. What was the source of all this? Jesus Christ was alive and well in their hearts. The Spirit of Christ was present to them and in their gatherings. Centering on Christ led these believers to live as a community of faith that attracted outsiders. It drew them to come inside. May it be so for our churches once again.

Prayer: Lord of all, what a great vision today of your kingdom here on earth! Move in our churches and in our hearts so that we better model this love and grace, this generosity and fellowship to the needy world. Amen.

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